ETH Lisbon: Hackathon 2023

As the digital world of the future is intertwined with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Lisbon has emerged as a pivotal node in this vibrant tapestry. Lisbon Blockchain Week, with its crown jewel event ETHLisbon, has not just captured the zeitgeist of the Web3 revolution but is actively shaping it. Block Consult, a vanguard in the Web3 consulting arena, dispatched its founding partner, Alexandros, to this conclave of innovation where he mentored upcoming projects at the hackathon, exemplifying the spirit of collaborative growth and advancement that the week-long event champions.

The Heartbeat of Innovation: Lisbon Blockchain Week

Set against the backdrop of Lisbon’s historic charm and entrepreneurial environment, Lisbon Blockchain Week has become a cornerstone event for the Web3 community. The week-long affair is more than a mere assembly of crypto aficionados; it’s an incubator for groundbreaking ideas and a melting pot for industry leaders, innovators, and those who dare to dream in decentralized patterns. Alexandros’s involvement exemplifies the commitment of industry experts in fostering a new generation of blockchain projects, promising a prosperous and interconnected digital future.

The Hackathon Experience with ETHLisbon 2023

ETHLisbon 2023 stands out not just for its picturesque locale but for its mission to escalate the hackathon experience. The event, hosted by renowned entities Lightshift Capital and 1k(x) invites participants to dive deep into the realms of smart contract development, decentralized applications, and more. Alexandros’s role as a mentor is pivotal, guiding participants through the labyrinth of blockchain development, providing insights gained by accompanying numerous projects in their startup journeys in the previous years.

A Meeting Ground for Visionaries

The participation of elite minds like Austin Griffith, Stani from Aave, and Protolambda in previous editions set a precedent for excellence. With the patronage of high-caliber projects like Wallet Connect, ZKsync, and IPFS/Filecoin, the event is a beacon, attracting global talent. Block Consult’s involvement, particularly through Alexandros’s mentorship, places it at the forefront of thought leadership in the space.

Why Lisbon, Why Now?

Simão Cruz of Lightshift Capital aptly summarizes Lisbon’s burgeoning status as a crypto nexus. The alchemy of culture, infrastructure, climate, and the ocean has transformed Lisbon into a paradise for crypto pioneers. Events like ETHLisbon leverage these unique local synergies, catalyzing opportunities and solidifying the city’s position on the Web3 map.

The Future at ETHLisbon 2023

With block consults support, the projects mentored at ETHLisbon 2023 have the potential to morph from ideas into implementations that could challenge the status quo. His expertise, shared generously with participants, not only empowers individual projects but also sows seeds for a future where decentralized systems redefine our digital experiences.

As Lisbon Blockchain Week concludes, the reverberations of its impact through mentors like Alexandros of Block Consult are set to ripple across the crypto ecosystem. The synthesis of expert guidance and raw talent at ETHLisbon 2023 heralds a promising horizon for Web3 — a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and visionary zeal in crafting the next chapter of the internet’s evolution.


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