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Unleashing potential through strategic consulting, DeFi innovations, Non-Fungible Tokens, and smart contract integration. Our blockchain solutions are tailored to your unique needs by experienced professionals in the heart of the Crypto Valley.

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Our Approach

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Hollistic Concept

The teams wide ranging Web3 Consulting skill set allows us to support you throughout all stages of product development. From brainstorming ideas to testing a product's viability to implementing strategies after launch.

Extensive Expertise

Multiple decades of combined blockchain experience bring together knowledge and expertise of Decentralized Finance, NFT's, DAO's, Blockchain Bridges, Coin Offering Strategies as well as Infrastructure Projects.

Direct Approach

We at Block Consult are dedicated to making your Web3 project a success story. We value time and spend it as efficiently as possible in order to achieve the best possible outcome. No matter what the market is doing, we keep building.

About Us

Our Company

We are a global company that partners with organizations around the world to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our team is comprised of experts from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals. We focus on developing and implementing strategies that drive growth and success both on a local and global scale.

We Are More Than A Web3 Consulting Agency

Embrace a holistic approach to business transformation with our multidisciplinary team, combining cutting-edge technology, strategic insights, and a passion for driving innovation across industries. Our tailored onboarding programs unveil the possibilities of Web3, empowering clients to collaborate and co-create with us in crafting their projects’ future.

  • Deepening Your Understanding

    Our approach encompasses knowledge sessions which we tailor to improve your understanding of the possibilities of Web3, allowing for co-creation and driving innovation in your business.

  • Industry-Specific Expertise

    With multiple years of experience in blockchain technology, we combine our expertise with your industry-specific knowledge to provide custom solutions for your business.

  • Leveraging Our Network

    We utilize our extensive network to create an efficient and sustainable development environment, ensuring high-quality results for your project.

M. Steinbrenner

M. Steinbrenner

Lisbon, Portugal
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A. Savorgiannakis

Zug, Switzerland


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Success Stories


Real-life examples of how our expertise and dedication have transformed businesses and driven growth.

Case Studies

Our Work

Our team has extensive experience in developing Web3 solutions for both traditional and blockchain-native enterprises. This dual expertise enables us to effectively communicate with clients of all types and execute projects that deliver measurable results. Whether you are a start-up or an established enterprise, we have the knowledge and experience to develop customized solutions that meet your unique needs and objectives.

Blockchain Technologies We Work With

We build products on top of all major Ethereum-Virtual Machine compatible Blockchains.

Our Web3 Services

Due Diligence

Comprehensive evaluations for informed investments.

Enhance capital allocation decisions with our due diligence reports, fortifying investment strategies and prospects.

Data Science

Optimized tokenomics paired with precision analytics.

Harness the synergy of tokenomics and OSINT with our data science services. Dive deep into comprehensive datasets, deriving actionable insights for informed token strategies and bolstered decision-making.


Tailored strategies amplifying your Web3 footprint.

Amplify your Web3 presence with our outreach services, blending the power of decentralized narratives with analytics. Craft compelling stories and engage targeted audiences in the Web3 ecosystem.


Effortless integration of NFTs and DeFi platforms.

Explore the depths of decentralized finance and harness the capabilities of non-fungible tokens, guaranteeing streamlined implementation aligned with your objectives.

More Than Speculation

Web3 Visualised

Despite experiencing significant market fluctuations, the user base growth and the flourishing developer community serve as evidence of the underlying potential of this innovative technology. As an increasing number of individuals adopt Web3, its decentralized nature encourages collaboration, autonomy, and resilience, ultimately paving the way for a digital ecosystem that empowers individuals and promotes a more equitable online experience.

Web3 Education Program

Want To Learn About Web3?

Our web3 education program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the decentralized digital landscape. Through our program, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of web3 technologies, including blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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