Tokenization & Fractionalization

Boosted Liquidity

Convert illiquid assets, like real estate or intellectual property, into digital tokens. This broadens their accessibility to a wider range of investors, thus enhancing liquidity.

Lowered Costs

Tokenisation can help businesses cut administrative and transactional expenses by automating processes such as trading and settlement through smart contracts.

Heightened Security

Tokenised assets are safeguarded by a decentralised and transparent network, minimising the risk of fraud or manipulation.

Augmented Transparency

Blockchain technology allows for the recording of all transactions and changes in ownership on a public ledger, fostering transparency and trust among investors.


Tokenization of Real World Assets

Embrace the future of asset management with our cutting-edge asset tokenization solutions. We help you convert tangible real-world assets into digital tokens, leveraging blockchain technology for increased liquidity, transparency, and efficiency. 

Our expert team guides you through the entire tokenization process, ensuring secure and compliant practices. Unleash the power of decentralized finance and open up new opportunities for investment, trading, and asset management with Block Consult’s innovative asset tokenization services.

Digital Ownership

Bridging The Gap between Physical and Digital​

Tokenizing physical assets involves the process of converting ownership rights of tangible items into digital tokens on a blockchain. By creating a unique digital representation of the physical item, its value can be securely and transparently tracked, traded, or transferred. 

This innovative approach enhances liquidity, reduces transaction costs, and simplifies asset management, while ensuring the provenance and authenticity of the items. Embrace the future of asset ownership by harnessing the power of tokenization and unlocking new possibilities for your physical assets.

Liquid Asset Transformation

Unleashing Liquidity and Flexibility

By converting asset ownership rights into digital tokens on a blockchain, we create easily tradable units representing the asset’s value. This newfound liquidity enables faster transactions, broader market access, and increased flexibility in asset management. 

With tokenized assets, investors can now effortlessly buy, sell, lend or trade ownership rights, opening up a world of possibilities for portfolio diversification and unlocking the true potential of previously illiquid assets.

Expanding Investment Horizon

Unlocking Asset Potential through Fractionalization

Asset fractionalization unlocks the true potential of high-value assets. By breaking down these assets into smaller, more accessible units,  new investment opportunities are created for a wider range of investors. This innovative approach enables businesses to expand their investor base, increase asset liquidity, and diversify revenue streams. 

Trust our expertise to deliver comprehensive fractionalization solutions that cater to your organization’s unique needs, driving growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Offer

What We Can Do For You

At Block Consult, we offer end-to-end asset tokenization services, working closely with clients to identify assets and align tokenization with business goals. Our specialists design bespoke solutions, including token structure, distribution models, and smart contracts. 

Our skilled team implements these solutions on suitable blockchain platforms, ensuring seamless integration and regulatory compliance. We provide ongoing support for managing and maintaining tokenized assets, offering guidance on best practices and troubleshooting.