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Web3 aims to improve the current internet, by democratizing decision power, decentralizing data ownership, freeing code and infrastructure, integrating a global payment layer and giving internet businesses an alternative to online advertisement.

Block Consult is a blockchain consulting firm specialising in the blockchain sector.

We offer a variety of services, ranging from education, ideation to implementation. As a blockchain consulting firm, our goal is to equip all our customers, regardless of the level of their blockchain experience, with the necessary knowledge, confidence, and strategy to help achieve their idea. Furthermore, we place a high value on choosing the most suitable web3 solution which is in line with our customers strategy and customer base.

Block Consult is active in the Blockchain industry. We specialise in helping traditional businesses with taking their first steps in Web 3. We also support existing Web 3 native businesses with development.

We offer a wide range of blockchain consulting services for traditional as well as web3 native enterprises.

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Block Consult charges daily consultation rates. Together with our client, we create an estimate based on expectations, required expertise and partner support.

Yes. We initially offer a 15-minute introduction for any project, you can book a session here. If both parties agree on a more detailed discussion, we will arrange a first consultation meeting with our experts free of charge to see how we can help you and your business.

Yes. You can always apply for a reduced upfront cost. We will vet each project individually but will aim to accommodate your financial capabilities by offering alternate method of reimbursement, such as equity or token allocations.

Our team has 40+ years of combined experience in blockchain consulting. We’ve worked together with multiple DAO’s and Web 3 native protocols during both pre-seed and later stages. We have also helped Traditional Companies onboard into blockchain technology and shared our extensive network to help fulfil their projects. You can find some of the most recent projects we have worked with here.

We are based in Zug, Switzerland.

We can create a custom course, comprising of workshops, seminars and booklets, depending on your organizations specific needs. We can also arrange guest lecturers with expertise in the required field if required.

Block Consult helps you prepare all necessary documentation according to industry standards and ultimately arranges and connects you with our partnered investors and VCs.

Feel free to schedule a call or write us a message here. We would love to hear what you are building and how we can help implement your Web 3 solution.

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