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Tokapi is the first Non-Custodial NFT marketplace in Europe. Buy, collect, sell and create NFTs with no prior blockchain knowledge needed.

THE Challenge


TOKAPI has a sound business model as well as a strong team which can implement their vision. When it came to the documentation however, the pitch deck was outdated and did not manage to capture the unique selling points of the project.

The aim was to create a pitch deck with an appealing design which included all the necessary information to convince an investor.


Having an excellent pitch deck only gets a project so far, once the founder is in a meeting with a venture capitalist it comes down to the pitching skills in order to secure potential investments. Although the founding team felt comfortable presenting there where a few areas which had room for improvement. 

The aim was to help improve the pitch with a focus on structure and storytelling.



In a one-day workshop Block Consult interviewed the founding team with the aim of identifying the unique selling point of the product as well as the founders back story and reason for starting the business. Along with the existing documentation (whitepaper, user experience, platform overview) the first pitch deck draft was created and presented. The main aim of the pitch deck was to create a story around the founders, highlight the unique selling point of the product and present the fundraising opportunity.


The first step in improving the pitch was to assess the status quo. This was achieved by the founder pitching to multiple VCs, each of them providing detailed feedback on the business idea as well as the presentation style. Once the feedback was analysed, Block Consult created a detailed action plan to improve the pitch. In a number of practice-calls the founder could pitch the project while focusing on the set-out improvements.

THE Solution


The result was a pitch deck which included all the necessary information a VC requires to make an investment decision. Furthermore, the pitch deck conveyed the founder’s story and highlighted their personal journey as well as experience. Lastly, with a new design the founders felt confident to share their pitch deck across all channels resulting in successful VC meetings.

Pitch Strategy

After having gone through the pitch training the founders had a list of actionable feedback with which they could improve their pitch significantly. Once implemented, they helped create a pitch with a clear structure, a unique story, and the necessary confidence to convince any investor.

The Impact


TOKAPI won the World of Web3 Summit Pitch Challenge in 2022 with over 15 projects participating


A clear and exciting Pitch Deck received a lot of praise from VCs and Investors. The deck has also made pitching more comfortable for all founders.


The founders have benefited tremendously by the Pitch Training after having identified areas requiring improvement and working on them closely with our team

Client Testimonial

“I enjoyed working with them. Efficient and professional approach.”
Daniel Lenikus
“It was fun and worth it. We are one step further into achieving our goals”
Dominik Myczkowski

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