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The Aavegotchi P2E Game

Aavegotchi is a popular play-to-earn (P2E) game that combines DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Players can earn rewards by staking their GHST tokens, and participate in fun mini-games to win more Aavegotchi NFTs. With a strong community and growing ecosystem, Aavegotchi offers an engaging and innovative gaming experience for blockchain enthusiasts.
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The Challenge

Player Management

In the Aavegotchi game, players can borrow virtual assets and use them to collect alchemica and channel aaltars within the Gotchiverse. The management of scholars is focused on analyzing their performance and efficiency, which helps to curate a team of skilled players and identify any misuse of assets.

The Approach

The Aavegotchi P2E Game

The initial step was to determine the crucial factors in analyzing a scholar, such as the duration of asset borrowing, alchemica collection, and asset utilization frequency. This resulted in two key performance indicators, including efficiency rating and best practice rating, enabling the analysis of a team’s performance over a certain period. By grouping scholars into various whitelists, it was possible to monitor their performance in different categories.

The Solution

Player Management Tool

The final outcome of the project was an interactive tool that facilitates the management of scholars, from individual to multiple teams. It allows users to analyze the performance of scholars using various filters to examine different aspects of the data collected. The tool also provides live feedback by displaying data directly from the blockchain.

The Impact

Transforming P2E Player Management

Performance Analysis

Data is displayed in realtime directly from the blockchain allowing for live feedback​

Simplified Filtering

A multitude of filters are provided for the users to display various performance aspects previously unavailable​

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Increase in management efficiency