Pitch Strategy


Tokapi NFT Marketplace

Tokapi is the first Non-Custodial NFT marketplace in Europe. Users can buy, collect, sell and create NFTs with no prior blockchain knowledge needed. The platform has onboarded prominent businesses such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Austrian post office.
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The Challenge

Overcoming Obstacles in the Pitch Strategy and Public Speaking Skills

Tokapi boasts a solid business model and a capable team ready to execute their vision. However, the pitch deck was outdated and failed to capture the project’s unique selling points.

While an exceptional pitch deck is important, securing potential investments during meetings with venture capitalists ultimately depends on the founder’s pitching skills. Although the founding team felt at ease presenting, there were several areas that could benefit from enhancement.

The Approach

Creating a Compelling Story and Fundraising Opportunity

During a one-day workshop, Block Consult interviewed the founding team to pinpoint the product’s unique selling proposition and the founders’ backstory and motivations for starting the business. Using existing documentation (whitepaper, user experience, platform overview), they drafted the initial pitch deck and presented it. The primary objective of the pitch deck was to craft a narrative around the founders, emphasize the product’s unique selling point, and showcase the fundraising opportunity.

To enhance the pitch, the initial step was evaluating the current state. The founder pitched to multiple venture capitalists, who provided in-depth feedback on the business concept and presentation style. After analyzing the feedback, Block Consult developed a comprehensive action plan to refine the pitch. Through a series of practice calls, the founder had the opportunity to present the project while concentrating on the targeted improvements.

The First Time
Market Positioning
The Platform

The Solution

A Winning Pitch Deck and Improved Pitching Skills

The outcome was a comprehensive pitch deck containing all the essential details a venture capitalist needs to make an investment choice. In addition, the pitch deck effectively communicated the founder’s narrative, emphasizing their individual journey and expertise. Ultimately, armed with a fresh design, the founders were poised to present their pitch deck through various channels, leading to fruitful venture capitalist encounters.

Following the pitch training, the founders received a set of practical suggestions that greatly enhanced their presentation. By incorporating these improvements, they developed a well-structured pitch featuring a distinctive narrative and the requisite confidence to persuade any potential investor.

The Impact

Transformed Pitching Skills and Attracting Investors

Block Consult is proud to have helped Tokapi win the World of Web3 Summit Pitch Challenge in 2022. Our team worked closely with the founders to create a clear and exciting pitch deck that received a lot of praise from VCs and investors. The founders’ pitching skills have also improved significantly thanks to our pitch training program, which helped them identify areas requiring improvement and work on them closely with our team. We are thrilled to have played a role in helping Tokapi secure potential investments and achieve their vision in the Web3 ecosystem.

Pitch Award

In 2022, Tokapi emerged victorious in the World of Web3 Summit Pitch Challenge, which featured over 15 participating projects. The founders reaped significant rewards from the pitch training, as they identified areas needing enhancement and collaborated closely with our team to refine their presentation skills.

Improved Pitch Deck

An engaging and well-structured pitch deck garnered commendations from venture capitalists and investors alike. Additionally, the deck has made the pitching process more effortless for the entire founding team.