P2E Game Automation


The Aavegotchi P2E Game

Aavegotchi is a popular play-to-earn (P2E) game that combines DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Players can earn rewards by staking their GHST tokens, and participate in fun mini-games to win more Aavegotchi NFTs. With a strong community and growing ecosystem, Aavegotchi offers an engaging and innovative gaming experience for blockchain enthusiasts.
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The Challenge

Game Strategy

After finalizing their strategy, players had to take action by creating in-game assets, upgrading them, gathering alchemica, and investing it in new in-game assets. Depending on their portfolio, this could entail executing thousands of transactions.

The Approach

Smart Contract Automation

The first step was to define the exact actions each smart contract had to perform as well as how they should interact with one another. This was achieved by creating a smart contract design map, subsequently the project team and developers brainstormed how to implement the design.

This was done by analysing the requirements of each smart contract separately to then understand the interaction between the different contracts. To reduce the implementation time and cost several pre-existing tools and contracts were used where appropriate.

The Solution

Player Management Tool

The result was a fully automized set of smart contracts which could implement a player’s strategy. The contracts could:

  • Collect a players yield
  • Swap and stake it into a liquidity pool
  • Take part of the yield and set it aside to build a reserve
  • Use part of the yield to reinvest into in game assets according to the defined strategy

The Impact

Transforming P2E Player Management

Exchangable Variables

Variables can be adjusted by the user at any given time depending on a chosen strategy​.

Simplified User Interface

A simple and easy to use UI allows user without programming knowledge to use the smart contract​.

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Decrease in in-game upgrading time