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Scholars can borrow an Aavegotchi (in game asset) and play with them in the gotchiverse. Within the Gotchiverse they can pick up alchemica and channel aaltars, in both cases they receive a certain amount of alchemica (in game currency) derived by a mathematical formula. The aim of managing scholars is to analyse their performance and efficiency. This allows the curation of a team of highly capable players while also identifying bad actors who are not using the assets as intended.

The aim was to build a tool which allowed the analysis of scholars while also automizing management as much as possible.

THE Challenge


The strategy simulator allowed any player to connect their wallet and define their game objective. The simulator would subsequently suggest the best strategy as well as provide important insights such as the total required capital invested or net expected profit. Also, players could compare different strategies to make a more informed decision.

The Approach

The aavegotchi wiki provides most of the information necessary to create a set of assumptions, these were based on a multitude of mathematical formulas, resources required to build or upgrade in game assets as well general strategy based on game theory.

Once the main assumptions had been identified, the player specific factors had to be taken into consideration, these were:

  • Assets held within a given portfolio
  • Expected play time
  • Alchemica maximisation
  • Lowest possible alchemica invested
  • Lowest possible time invested

Once the rules as well as the factors affecting the strategy had been decided on, a mathematician as well as data scientist programmed a simulator using java script. To avoid major miscalculations an iterative design approach was chosen. This meant starting with the known factors and slowly adding complexity such as unknown and variable factors.

The Solution

The strategy simulator reduced the strategy decision process by 89%. Through using the simulator, a player did not have to study the in depth rules of the game to then come up with a strategy, not knowing if it was the best for their objective. The end result was a clear decision-making process as well as an overview of the expected capital requirements and return.

The Impact

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Data is displayed in realtime directly from the blockchain allowing for live feedback


A multitude of filters are provided for the users to display various performance aspects previously unavailable

Client Testimonials

"This tool is incredible. It's way above what we expected!"
Gotchi FArmy, Aavegotchi Guild
"GG. This makes life so much easier. It was a pleasure working together"
gmDAO, Decentralised Autonomous Organization

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