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Scholars can borrow an Aavegotchi (in game asset) and play with them in the gotchiverse. Within the Gotchiverse they can pick up alchemica and channel aaltars, in both cases they receive a certain amount of alchemica (in game currency) derived by a mathematical formula. The aim of managing scholars is to analyse their performance and efficiency. This allows the curation of a team of highly capable players while also identifying bad actors who are not using the assets as intended.

The aim was to build a tool which allowed the analysis of scholars while also automizing management as much as possible.

THE Challenge


Once a player has decided on their strategy, they would need to implement it. This meant building in game assets, upgrading them, collecting alchemica and investing the alchemica into new in game assets. Depending on the players portfolio this could require thousands of transactions.

The aim was to build a smart contract which could implement the strategy and automize processes within the game.


The first step was to define the exact actions each smart contract had to perform as well as how they should interact with one another. This was achieved by creating a smart contract design map, subsequently the project team and developers brainstormed how to implement the design.

This was done by analysing the requirements of each smart contract separately to then understand the interaction between the different contracts. To reduce the implementation time and cost several pre-existing tools and contracts were used where appropriate.



The result was a fully automized set of smart contracts which could implement a player’s strategy. The contracts could:

  • Collect a players yield
  • Swap and stake it into a liquidity pool
  • Take part of the yield and set it aside to build a reserve
  • Use part of the yield to reinvest into in game assets according to the defined strategy

The Impact

0 %


Variables can be adjusted by the user at any given time depending on a chosen strategy


A simple and easy to use UI allows user without programming knowledge to use the smart contract

Client Testimonial

"This tool is incredible. It's way above what we expected!"
Gotchi FArmy, Aavegotchi Guild
"GG. This makes life so much easier. It was a pleasure working together"
gmDAO, Decentralised Autonomous Organization

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