DAOs in P2E Games: Community Inclusion in Game Design (Ep. 4)

In a riveting episode of The Block Consult podcast, Gotchi Farmy, founder of the GFA (Gotchi French Army) community, provided an in-depth look into Aavegotchi, an open-source community-owned NFT gaming protocol enabling true asset ownership. Aavegotchi presents a unique ecosystem where users can treasure their NFT Gotchis as collectibles or use them as profile pictures. The project’s founders are currently developing the Gotchiverse metaverse, where players can socialize in real time and own lands, even creating installations on them. The game operates entirely on-chain, with all data and smart contracts maintained on-chain, demonstrating the team’s dedication to preserving the game’s on-chain nature.

Exploring the Role of DAOs in Aavegotchi and Gaming

The discussion transitioned into exploring the evolution of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in gaming, with a focus on Aavegotchi. DAOs enable organizations or communities to participate in a project’s decision-making processes, including setting guidelines and roadmaps. As a DAO game, Aavegotchi invites the community to participate in every facet of game creation, from gameplay and visuals to economics. The community also wields the power to determine fund allocation and the game’s development trajectory. Despite the challenges of maintaining a fully decentralized organization, Aavegotchi stands out as a prime example of a community-driven game development. You can take a look at the governance proposals and voting discussions for yourself.

Community Initiatives and Collaborations in the Aavegotchi Ecosystem

Gotchi Farmy highlighted several initiatives being undertaken by the team, including offering tutorial sessions, establishing a Discord server, and forming partnerships within the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Notable collaborations include those with Luchadores and The Sandbox Game. The governance process, from ideation and proof of concept to DAO test force proposal and subsequent community approval, was also discussed.

Incorporating the Community into Game Design through DAOs

The process of incorporating the community into game design through DAOs was elaborated upon. DAOs enable community members to propose and vote on game-related proposals, with vote power tied to the quantity of assets or cryptocurrency held by the voter at the time of proposal creation. A recent example involved a proposal to collaborate with Sandbox, which received a 65% approval vote in February. The team is now working on this project, intending to offer a glimpse of the upcoming Gotchiverse metaverse, where individuals can explore various environments and a narrative based on Gotchiverses’ law.

Building in Sandbox: Challenges and Progress in the Aavegotchi Ecosystem

The challenges encountered while building in Sandbox, along with the team’s experience thus far, were discussed. Utilizing new tools released by Sandbox, the team strives to provide comprehensive community support by confronting and addressing any arising difficulties. Collaborating with Pixelcraft Studios, they aim to align with the existing story, careful to avoid introducing elements that may disrupt the narrative. They’re also coordinating with other smaller narratives within the project’s mythology and actively encouraging community participation in the creation process. The team hopes to release the project by the end of May, targeting the Alpha Season 4 for completion by year-end. You can take a look at the proof of concept that was shared with the community here.

The Future of Aavegotchi and GFA in Web3 Gaming

Gotchi Farmy shared the plans for the Aavegotchi ecosystem and the grand scheme for GFA in Web3 gaming. As experts in the Aavegotchi project, they aim to contribute their proficiency to the team to boost the project’s promotion. Aavegotchi holds immense promise for the future, with updates and new features expected to roll out over the summer. Despite operating in a bear market, the team continues to build, indicative of the project’s potential longevity.

You can watch the podcast here:


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