Non-Fungible Token Conference 2023

From June 7-9, Lisbon, Portugal hosted the exciting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Conference 2023. A standout among the world-class participants was the prominent Web3 Leader at Block Consult, known by his handle, “Legendary”. Well-known for his major influence in the Web3 sector as an advisor, investor, and influencer, Legendary’s participation was a significant highlight of the event.

The NFT Conference 2023 gave Legendary a dynamic platform to share his rich insights into the world of blockchain and NFTs. His contributions served to enhance the event’s fascinating line-up of activities and spirited discussions.

Panel Discussion: OG vs Degen's

As a panelist in the discussion, “OG vs Degen’s: Who Contributes More to the Ecosystem?”, Legendary held an engaging discourse. This dialogue initially revolved around the contrasting motivations of these two unique subsets of the crypto community.

OGs, generally regarded as the early adopters and innovators of the crypto world, are largely driven by principles and the desire for change. Degens, or “Degenerates”, are characterized as risk-embracing speculators with a primary focus on financial gain. The panel underscored the importance of both OGs and Degens, stressing that the two groups collectively contribute to the development, diversity, and robustness of the crypto ecosystem.


Networking Opportunity

Legendary’s active involvement didn’t end with the panel discourse. He was also seen engaging with artists, collectors, and entrepreneurs in the Shopping District. This space presented a real-world market for showcasing and discussing innovative NFT projects, where Legendary’s expertise in evaluating potential Web3 investments was demonstrated.

His exploration of the Photo Lab exhibition stood out as a memorable part of his NFT Conference 2023 experience. The exhibition presented the future of NFT photography and was curated by esteemed artists Pauline Faieff, Dave Krugman, and John Knopf. Legendary, a photography enthusiast, was particularly drawn to the fusion of photography and blockchain technology demonstrated at the exhibit.

Of course, the conference was not all about serious discussions. Legendary also took time to relax and network at the Beach Party, the closing event at the breathtaking Lorosae Beach Club.

Legendary’s active Twitter feed kept his followers updated throughout the conference, sharing insights and positive reflections. His Twitter commentary mirrored the conference’s overall sentiment, emphasizing its role in pushing boundaries and reshaping the Web3 sphere.

In summary, Legendary’s active involvement at the NFT Conference 2023 not only enriched his own experience but also brought value to the broader Web3 community. His thoughtful engagement and endorsement of the event reaffirmed his influential role in the Web3 space and made the conference an even more monumental occasion. The Non-Fungible Token Conference 2023 was indeed a landmark event, and Legendary’s fervent participation was a significant part of it.


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